Getting into CrossFit

Once you have tried your free taster session, what's the next step?

You need to complete a 6 session Fundamentals Course (Tuesdays at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 11:30am),
You can start the course at any session, as long as you complete all 6 sessions.
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The course must be completed before you can sign up for a monthly membership. This is essential as you will learn fundamental movements that will make up the bulk of your training as well as assistance movements and an introduction to gymnastics.
The course will include learning the 9 Fundamental CrossFit Movements;

As well as these movements, you will learn movement standards for Press-ups, Pull-ups, Wall Balls and all manner of fun things that make our workouts so enjoyable and challenging! We want you to enter the group sessions confident in your grounding and able to perform the basics. We will continue to teach as time goes on, but grasping these movements gives you a great platform to work from.

The Only Way Is CrossFit is located ideally 1 minutes walk from Woodford Tube Station at 1-2 Bairny Wood Approach, Woodford, IG8 0HH.

In our facility we offer a broad training program that is suitable for any fitness level.

1-2 Bairny Wood Approach
Woodford, Essex
Tel: 0208 505 8281
Mobile: 0796 105 2371

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