We aim to offer the best coaching. We are happy to be able to provide different fitness coaches for different sessions to give variety, and we all possess different skill sets. We are one in the belief that technique is paramount, strength is built and fitness is key to your overall health and well-being. We are all extremely motivated, and aim to pass that on to you!

Head fitness coach at TOWIC Shaun Samonini
Owner/Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CrossFit Endurance

Qualified Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Qualified Kettlebell Instructor

Shaun developed a passion for CrossFit in 2009. After training for 4 years, in different areas of fitness he decided to open TOWIC. "CrossFit helped me lose weight, build muscle, but most importantly, made me feel healthy. I'll be doing this till I'm old and grey."

Shaun wants to pass this passion on to as many people as he can, hoping to effect lasting change in the lives of his members.
Assistant fitness coach at TOWIC Donovan Simpson
Assistant Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer
Qualified Olympic Weightlifting Coach
Qualified Kettlebell Instructor
Strength and Conditioning Level 2

Donovan has been with Shaun since the beginning of TOWIC. Lifelong friends, he's been coaching at TOWIC for 2 years. He brings unlimited energy to his coaching, motivating everyone through workouts. His drive to constantly improve rubs off on everyone else, and he's one of the best lifters in the box. He's all about the gains!!

Crossfit assistant coach at TOWIC Jon Kiely
Assistant Coach

​CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

Jon is one of those people who doesn't see boundaries. I don't think they exist to him. He creates workouts that are extremely challenging, but don't worry, I reign him in! Boundless energy, thirst for knowledge, and a real sense of caring for our clients. He will spend time with everyone individually to improve their technique, all the while pushing himself to be more and become a top class athlete.

The Only Way Is CrossFit is located ideally 1 minutes walk from Woodford Tube Station at 1-2 Bairny Wood Approach, Woodford, IG8 0HH.

In our facility we offer a broad training program that is suitable for any fitness level.

1-2 Bairny Wood Approach
Woodford, Essex

Tel: 0208 505 8281
Mobile: 0796 105 2371

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