To get the most out of CrossFit, ideally you should be training 4-5 times a week. However, we offer 3x and 2x session packages as we are aware these may better suit a hectic lifestyle. You can always start here and increase as time goes on!

£68 a month for 2 sessions a week
£78 a month for 3 sessions a week

£92 a month for Unlimited
£50 an hour for Private Coaching

(Also available in blocks of 5 or 10)

Terms and Conditions

Should you wish to cancel your membership, you will need to provide us with 1 months written notice and we will cancel your membership and the Direct Debit in place with GoCardless.

Sessions are strictly non interchangeable between members. If you have registered to a session and can no longer attend, please cancel the registration.

Cancellation of a registered session must be done at least 12hrs before the class starts. If you cancel after this time, you can still open up a space for someone else, however, you will lose your session.

If you run out of sessions for the month, you will still be able to purchase drop in sessions for £15 per class via the website/teamup.

You can register for a session right up until the time it starts. However, in the interest of fairness, if you are not registered before it starts you will be turned away.

If you have registered to a session but no longer able to attend, please do remember to cancel it so that someone else can take your place.

If you would like to attend a class that has already reached full capacity, you can join the waiting list. If a space becomes available prior to 24hrs before the start of class, you will automatically be registered for the class. This gives you 12hrs to cancel the class before hitting the late cancellation penalty. If a space becomes available within 24hrs of the start of class, you will be automatically offered the space and have 1hr to accept it before it is offered to the next person on the waiting list.

You can register to classes up to 2 weeks in advance.

The Only Way Is CrossFit is located ideally 1 minutes walk from Woodford Tube Station at 1-2 Bairny Wood Approach, Woodford, IG8 0HH.

In our facility we offer a broad training program that is suitable for any fitness level.

1-2 Bairny Wood Approach
Woodford, Essex

Tel: 0208 505 8281
Mobile: 0796 105 2371

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