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Our vision is to create a fitter, stronger YOU. To give you a place to come where you can blow off some steam, learn new skills, train hard and train in an atmosphere that is supportive and has a strong community spirit. In 2016 we will have a strtuctured program aiming to make you stronger, embrace lifting and try your hand at gymnastics. We will have TWO in house competitions, family days and nights out. We also offer other services to cater to your personal needs.

Personal Training in Essex


Maybe you don't feel confident or comfortable enough to join in with a class yet? Maybe you want 100% attention from your coach. Maybe you're recovering from an injury. You might not be able to make class times. You might want to work on a specific goal. All of this is covered in one on one sessions. At a fantastic price of just £40 for a 45 minute session, or 5 sessions for £160.


Would you like to show your employees how much you care about their health and well being? You can send them to us, or we will come to you. We can tailor a training plan and offer nutritional advice, build team spirit and your employees will thank you!

Corporate Fitness Training in Essex
Group Training in Essex


This is the bread and butter of TOWIC. Our group sessions are fun but tough and include cardio fitness, strength and conditioning, gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and in general will leave you feeling exhausted but high on life! We love to train, eat and be generally badass!


Think you'll get big if you lift weights? Wrong. If you ONLY lift weights then yes, possibly. But in general we want to expel that myth. You will get stronger and you will definitely tone and sculpt the body that YOU want. You'll do this with a mixture of lifting, kettlebell and bodyweight training.

Work on Muscle Tone with TOWIC
Core strength fitness training


At TOWIC and in all CrossFit boxes, the core is at the centre of everything. Every specific exercise we do will involve using your core, then working to the extremities. For example, a strong core is paramount to the performing a press up. You will build a strong core first, and with the right diet, reveal those abs!

The Only Way Is CrossFit is located ideally 1 minutes walk from Woodford Tube Station at 1-2 Bairny Wood Approach, Woodford, IG8 0HH.

In our facility we offer a broad training program that is suitable for any fitness level.

1-2 Bairny Wood Approach
Woodford, Essex

Tel: 0208 505 8281
Mobile: 0796 105 2371

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