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New year, new you? Starting 2018 feeling excited and ready to go? Got big hopes and dreams for your CrossFit progress this year? Great. Here’s
my top 10 tips to help you smash your fitness goals...
  • Have some fitness goals. 😜 seriously though, how can you achieve or smash your goals if you don’t take time to write some down. Not too many, just a few, and make them SMART too ... (Specific / Measurable / achievable / relevant / timely). Talk to the coaches about your goals (after or before class - not during!)
  • Dial in your nutrition. This actually where you can make the single biggest difference to how your body looks and how your body feels. You don’t need to jump straight into tracking macros and weighing your food, simply having awareness of calories in vs calories out is a great start.
  • Get enough sleep. The goal should be 7 - 8 hours. Minimum. (And no - time in bed scrolling through social media or watching ‘The fittest on earth’ doesn’t count)
  • Be consistent. Keep showing up on a regular basis and getting the work done. There’s no substitute.
  • Look for balance in your program. To keep things interesting and to challenge your body to reach its full potential you need to do different things. If you only show up when we program squats and dead’s then other areas of your physical development will suffer.
  • Mobilise - we all need to do this more than we think. More than you are thinking right now. No - even more than that. Getting closer... every day there should be some form of mobility work in your routine, whether it’s when you watch tv in the evening or brushing your teeth in the morning there are plenty of opportunities to get flexy!
  • Take a ‘One more rep’ attitude. With CrossFit workouts your mind often gives in before your body. When you feel like dropping the bar or taking a break, hit one more rep first.
  • Celebrate finding a new weakness. It can be frustrating when you feel crappy after a workout. But think about why and if this is due to a specific weakness then actually that’s a great thing to understand because you can then do something about it. Talk to the coaches if you need help figuring out what.
  • Track your progress. Said it before and I’ll keep saying it. The only way to know if you’re improving is by tracking your lifts and workout scores and having data tell you. Not feelings - data.
  • Enjoy small victories - a 1.25kg increase on a lift is still a PB. Don’t be annoyed if you then failed a 2.5 kg increase. 42 double unders is better than 41. Celebrate every little gain and ring that bell.

Bonus Tip

Have fun - Allow yourself to smile and enjoy the process. Be able to laugh at yourself. To share a joke with your classmates. We train together, we gain together, but we also have fun together. 👊🏻
Add a few of these to what you do this year, and you will without question see benefits in your training.
Looking forward to working with you all in 2018.