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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The Big Bang Theory. Modern Family. Friends. 8 Simple Rules. How I Met Your Mother. These are some of my favourites sitcoms.

Why do they appeal to us so much?

In my opinion, it’s because they have mastered the basics. In that 20-25 minutes, they make us laugh with simple jokes, observation of everyday life, they hit an
emotional note and tug at the heartstrings, and over a period of time, the story arc sucks us in and we become attached to the characters and their journey.

However, no matter how much the story twists and turns, the basic elements remain a strong underlying presence.

Look at Cristiano Ronaldo. He can do all the tricks and then some. But he still does the basic things that make him a great footballer. Passing and Shooting drills will make up most of his day to day training.

What does this have to do with CrossFit or Fitness I can hear you asking?

Mastering the Basics, and I mean really mastering them, transfers to every other skill imaginable.

Let’s take Press-ups for example.

At a basic level, it is a pushing/pressing movement. You are transferring your bodyweight through your arms, chest and shoulders, whilst keeping the rest of the body tight and switched on. This works the abs, as your core needs to stabilise the legs and torso.

Let’s say you come from a completely non-athletic background, and you can’t perform a solid push-up. As time goes on and you move through each progression, a few things happen:
  • You’ll learn how to do a Push-up properly. Quality is much more important than quantity here. If your form is completely right, you’ll add size and strength to your arms and chest.
  • You’ll transfer that strength to other movements; Handstands, Pull-ups, Strict and Push Press, Toes to Bar.
  • You’ll feel in control of your bodyweight and be more confident in demanding physical situations.

Can you see why this ‘basic’ movement is so important in CrossFit (in any fitness programme really)?

This also applies to other basic movements like Squats (Air, Front, Back), Sit-ups, Planks, Hollow Holds, Tumbles, Glute Bridges, Pull-ups, Split Squats and Lunges.

I realise that watching CrossFit online, gives people certain expectations as to what CrossFit is. But those athletes who are doing all that crazy stuff, have the basics mastered, and can probably perform the movements without much thought or effort.

90% of our gym, still need to master the basics. Many of you have come from a non-athletic background. Many of you work in an office. Many of you do CrossFit because you want to get stronger, lose weight, be healthy and have fun.


We want the same things for you. In August, we will focus on the Basics. We will test and retest the basic movements, and we’ll hopefully nail in the fundamental movements you need to master, in order to perform the best you can, become stronger humans, and be badass.

Looking forward to it gang.