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Well.. It's another close one! After much deliberation with my coaches, we have chosen our Member Of The Month. It was a close run affair, but we believe we have chosen the right person this time around.

Bethany Thorndyke

Why Bethany?

Since Bethany has been here, she has displayed such grit and determination. She started her CrossFit journey after her brother recommended us and hasn't looked back.

During our weight-lifting month, she made massive gains and was always willing to try and lift heavier. Never afraid of the challenge. During gymnastics month, she also displayed a great attitude, throwing herself into every movement without fear. She has stuck to the6 week Pull-Up Challenge we set her, building some awesome upper body strength. She is strict with her eating habits to ensure the best performance during her workouts. Every session, if she finishes before somebody else she will encourage the next person. She'll do it for the person finishing last too. She's active on social media, always giving us a shoutout and expanding our reach. We're always grateful for word of mouth!

I caught up with Bethany recently to ask her a few questions;

1) Why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit as I was bored at the gym and felt I had plateaued and was not really achieving anything. I also didn't know how or what to do with weights at the gym and thought CrossFit might be able to help with that.

2) What are your goals over the next 6 months?

One goal is to do 10 strict pull ups in a row. Since I started the Pull-up program I can now do 3 in a row! My 2nd goal is Toes To Bar.

3) Three things CrossFit does for you?

CrossFit makes me feel more confident in myself as a person.
CrossFit has made me a happier person (I've found something I love and enjoy andfound a community that are really supportive).
CrossFit helps me stay on target and helps me know when I'm starting to slip.

4) Favourite Workout?

I love cleans but my favourite workouts are partner workouts where we have 200 or 100 of an exercise to do and we share the load and get it done. (Also love a wallball! Plus I am now able to use the red ball, which is great as its something that really shows how I've progressed)

But it's really thanks to you guys (coaches) for making it different, challenging, and pushing us when we wouldn't usually push ourselves!
Well done to Bethany for being our Member Of The Month!