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after much deliberation, as it was close run, we've settled on one of our youngest members.

*Dulan Wettasinghe*

Ladies and gentleman, this guy deserves major credit!

He's 18 years old. In his first conversations with me he described how since he left school and was waiting to start university, he would sit on his computer all day and generally laze about.

In his taster session with us, he threw up.

I thought "Well, he's not coming back."

How wrong I was!

That same day, he signed up to the Induction course, then 3 sessions a week and soon moved to Unlimited. Since that day, he has regularly made the effort to show up. Some days he finds it really tough. At the end of every session, he comes and asks for advice. Am I doing this right? Should I take this supplement? He's had a major learning curve.

Dulan wasn't drinking enough water day to day, and after a workout he suffered from major cramp in his calves. I helped him kickstart his diet, including drinking enough water and slowly but surely he has transformed himself into a machine!

During the Strength Cycle, he set some amazing Personal Bests, and he's stuck to his healthy eating habits without complaining once. He knows what he needs to do and he does it.
*For your dedication, attitude and willingness to learn, Dulan Wettasinghe,
you are our Member of the Month!*--