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I think you all probably know Trish. She's the one who comes at us coaches with her banter ready, and a cheeky grin to help her get away with it.

However, she also just throws herself into the workout.

She doesn't particularly like any of the exercises, but she knows that lifting weights empowers her, makes her feel strong, and helps to escape a hectic lifestyle. For an hour a day, she can switch off, be with her friends, and train hard.

She reaches out to new members and gets others involved. I think you'll agree, she's one of a kind. And for that reason, our Member of the Month. We had a little chat earlier today!

1) What do you love about Crossfit, and how does it help you in your day to day life?
I really love the community aspect of it. Everyone knows I love to be a bit social and can talk for Britain, but being new to the East London area, I joined to get to know more people, make friends and workout. I can definitely say that I’ve made what I hope will be some great friends for life so thank you for that!
However, whilst that’s a great thing, I think I should be totally honest in my reasons for loving it (deep deep deeeeep down) and showing up Mon-Friday.

I really loved Darren’s post when he won member of the month before he left for Singapore, and it inspired me to open up more about things within my life and not be afraid of judgement, because sometimes it can help others too, like Darren’s post helped me!

Like everyone, I have my own story and I’m not afraid to talk about it. I’ve been through some things in my life that have been and are still really really difficult to deal with, to the point where I have succumbed to depression in the past. The gym has always been a safe place for me to let it out, as I find it helps to reduce stress and have a healthy mind, body and soul, and most importantly, I’m in control of myself there.

The reason I choose The Only Way Is Crossfit in Woodford Green over a regular gym is because it challenges me mentally – every.single.time! It has helped me to build my strength physically and mentally. Yes, you will ALL hear me moan and swear during classes, but deep down I love it, and the banter sometimes lightens it for everyone and makes me get through it quicker! Since joining, I find that I am so much less stressed because for me my release is at CrossFit, hence I go a lot more now. It’s also made me a lot more thick-skinned than I probably used to be.

I suppose when you go through things in life, it’s easy to give up on yourself. I didn’t want that for myself and I feel the coaches and AMAZING members here encourage me to not give up on me! Moral of the story; We’re all fighting battles that others may not know about, don’t be afraid to talk about it & find your release! It also helps me be way more productive at work cause I feel way more energised after class!

2) What's your favourite workout?
Eurgh – this is me you’re asking! Like is this really a genuine question?!?! To be frank, I have a love-hate relationship with exercise as most will probably know. I do it for the mental challenge, but also because I love to eat! So I don’t think I can say I have a favourite workout. I think my favourite thing ABOUT the workouts is that I eventually get through it, and it feels so satisfying, no matter how long it takes!

I do love that you turn up for an hour, get forced to do the workout and then can leave. In a normal gym, who’s going to push you to work so hard? I do love the Bootcamp sessions though cause they are so varied and fun, although I wish I could say that about today's (Friday). After a few too many drinks the night before, I was contemplating alllll of my life decisions including why I turned up to that class, during it!! Yuck.

3) We don't force you to work out! So what 3 things would you say are TOWIC's biggest plus points?
I think the community, and the encouragement you get from the coaches and members in the workout. Some places can be super competitive, or an environment where people only care about what they are doing and nobody else. I’m the type of person that gives up quite easily when I get tired and I really love and appreciate everyone for always encouraging me and egging me on to finish! Also, I think the coaches are the biggest plus points too.

4) How has being a part of our community had a positive effect on you?
It’s really helped me to settle in East London a lot better than I thought I would. When I moved here after I got married, I felt quite alone because I didn’t really know anyone, so I’m really pleased that I have a place I can go to as a refuge, to see my friends, but also get stronger.

5) What's your favourite treat meal?
Erm hello? Really? I know you watch my Instagram stories, Shaun!! I. LOVE. FOOD. I’d probably say my favourite cheat meal would be anything that combines chips, and some form of cookie-related dessert! Two of my biggest weaknesses!

6) What would you say to anyone new trying out TOWIC for the first time?
I’d say, if I can do it then you definitely can! Haha! No really, I’d recommend everyone to try it. A lot of people have misconstrued opinions of CrossFit and I think it’s because they think it’s super competitive and scary. I’d say don’t be scared, give it a chance and you’ll 100% be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks Trish. I'm glad the community aspect is so prevalent in your answers!