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Hey guys! It's that time again. Our Member of the Month this time round is James Long. James and Rose have been a part of our box for a long time now. I was lucky enough, along with Sush and Avery, to be asked to attend their wedding and our friendship has always been strong! They're a part of the furniture and we're so happy that they're a part of our community. They've also brought through other members over the years such as Rose's sister and now James' sister!

James is a Woodford boy, has always sung our praises, and brings his infectious smile to the box. He and Rose sometimes have full blown arguments which bring comedy value. But more importantly, James is encouraging, friendly, always on time, ready to go, and gives his absolute best to every workout! He also always shows up to our TOWIC community drinks.

I caught up with James recently to talk about TOWIC.

1) What do you love about Crossfit, and how does it help you in your day to day life?

What I love about Crossfit is that is different to any other exercise I have ever done in my life. I’ve always been reasonably conscious of my fitness, but I often found myself getting bored of working out on my own with my earphones as my source of entertainment. Crossfit has shown me how it is possible to pack in so many random movements into one hour. One minute you’re legs are screaming while you pluck up the courage to finish 9 thrusters yet you have to then mentally prepare yourself to do a 400m run or a set of burpees. I love the thoughts that run through my mind as I psych myself up to get it done.

2) What’s your favourite workout?

Anything involving running and deadlifts is my idea of Crossfit heaven. I love anything cardio based as I’ve always been quite a strong runner and my guilty secret is that I love a barhop burpee.

3) I wouldn't tell too many people that! What 3 things would you say are TOWICs biggest plus points?

The Coaches - I feel fortunate to be at a box where a group of coaches are able to combine the role of teacher, comedian and sometimes disciplinarian. Also helps that I met a professional singer who played at my wedding for free : )

The Community – You won’t find many places with such a diverse group of people all aiming to be the best they can be.

Partner WODs – It’s a great motivation to split up a workout and sweat together! I love cheering each other on to go faster, for longer, lift heavier. Plus the accountability makes me want to try harder to do the best I can for my partner.

4) How has being part of our community had a positive effect on you?

I am a really strong believer in the correlation between exercise and mental health. A big reason I do Crossfit is for that endorphin rush I feel as I’m sprawled out on the box floor. You are your best competition - whether it’s a push press or a burpee fest, you can always aim to beat your personal best and it is exhilarating and exciting every time. Finally, being married to a woman who also likes CrossFit is great as we have such a key aspect of our lives in common. It’s just a shame that she wipes the floor with me every time.

5) She does. E-v-e-r-y time! Whats your favourite cheat meal?

Pizza has always been my biggest weakness but recently I’ve started to go for thin crust. That counts as healthy, right?

6) What would you say to anyone new trying out TOWIC for the first time?

Embrace it. In my first class I walked into 200 single arm kettle bell swings and swore to myself that I would never return. I’m thankful I came back. Things have changed now, you get to go through a Fundamentals class and are taught the basics, which is a massive help. TOWIC is unlike any other gym or box. It is friendly, welcoming, and you will never receive as much support anywhere else to be the best version of yourself. If that all fails you can always just turn up to laugh at Dons dancing.