Getting into CrossFit

We offer every new client a FREE 1:2:1 personal No Sweat Intro Session where you will meet with a coach and talk about your goals, what you need help with, and how we can help you to reach those goals with our exercise program. Do you crave structure? Need a regular program to get hooked on? Want guidance and support? Come and chat with us. It's completely free and with no obligation, what do you have to lose? Try us out today!

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Once you have completed your No Sweat Intro session, what's the next step?

You need to complete a 6 session Fundamentals Course (Tuesdays at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 11:30am),
You can start the course at any session, as long as you complete all 6 sessions.
*You will also receive 6x FREE Bootcamp sessions to use anytime during the course, so you can get started on these classes if you're keen to get stuck in. You will still need to wait to complete the course before joining the WOD classes*
**This can also be arranged 1-1 if you can't make the above times**
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The course must be completed before you can sign up for a monthly membership. This is essential as you will learn fundamental movements that will make up the bulk of your training as well as assistance movements and an introduction to gymnastics.

The course will include learning the 9 Fundamental CrossFit Movements;
Squats (Air, Front, Overhead)
Press (Strict, Push, Jerk)
Medicine Ball Clean
Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Deadlift Press - Strict, Push, Jerk
As well as these movements, you will learn movement standards for Press-ups, Pull-ups, Wall Balls and all manner of fun things that make our workouts so enjoyable and challenging! We want you to enter the group sessions confident in your grounding and able to perform the basics. We will continue to teach as time goes on, but grasping these movements gives you a great platform to work from.