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Want to know why our members stayed after their free sessions? And why they continue to be valued clients? What will you get out of training here at TOWIC? Have a read...

Mana - Dec '14


I have always been keen on my fitness and have tried many different things including running, spinning, body pump classes and regular gyms. These were all ok I guess but I felt I was stuck in a rut. I started at TOWIC in May 2014 and have never looked back.

I have seen result in physical, strength and fitness levels that I had thought unachievable through previous methods. I started initially with one session a week and quickly stepped up to unlimited membership as I was hooked.

The motivation that Shaun inspires, atmosphere (burpee fine if you don't introduce yourself to new people) and the results I've seen are the main reasons I love training at TOWIC. The WODs Shaun and Ian put together will test you, both mentally and physically but after you've caught your breath and regained the ability to speak again you are left with a enormous feeling of achievement.

The buzz you get after surviving one of his WODs is what keeps me coming back.


Sev - Nov '14


You've probably heard a lot of good things about the CrossFit Community. And yes, everything you hear is true.

CrossFit got me and is not planning to let me go. Are you scared that you’re not the kind of person that can lift a barbell? Do you think you’re too heavy to lift yourself up on the rings? You’re sure you can’t run a half marathon? Just step in TOWIC and give your trainers time enough to prove you wrong.

CrossFit has changed me at my very foundation. I am a happier, healthier, confident and more capable human being than I ever imagined. The best part is I know I have so much more to strive for, the journey doesn't end!

I truly understand what it feels like to be strong! You see results right away, but you also see what else is possible.


Rahul - Nov '14


I really enjoy the sessions! Even the 1 min continuous burpees and those flippin' isometric pull ups! :)
Prior to joining TOWIC, my training was focused on ​basketball and ​running and after a couple of marathons and other various running events I finally came down with a typical runners injury... The IT Band, which was due to overuse of a select few muscles in the legs.

​My physio​ advised me to participate in activities that incorporated all muscles, so I spoke to a few friends who suffered from similar injuries and that was when CrossFit was recommended​ to me!​

I've been attending for a few months and can genuinely ​say I can see improvement in muscle groups I'd never trained before. Thanks to all those squats, my legs feel stronger and I've been able to start running again. I'm lacking in flexibility but trying to work on that! This is probably the most enjoyable group activity I've attended. The team has great spirit and motivation. But one thing that does impress me about the sessions are the coaches ensuring the fundamentals of each exercise are understood. This probably makes CrossFit what it is and different to any other activity I've done before.

Thanks for all your support and help in getting me back on track....I'm now considering quitting my gym membership just to attend more TOWIC sessions!


Hannah - Oct '14


Putting off a run for the 100th time, irregular visits to the gym - and when you do go, aimlessly walking around wondering what weight to pick up and how many reps to do - feeling dissatisfied with your strength and how your body looks.....S0und familiar?

That was me before I started training at TOWIC, just around the corner from Woodford station, from this July, and I’ve not looked back. I simply wouldn’t set foot in a gym now.

I am addicted to the anticipation of what TOWIC’s Box (the space you train in) will hold for that session and the adrenalin rush that comes from taking part.

And whatever rumours you may have heard about how dangerous Crossfit can be just don’t apply at TOWIC. Shaun, the main trainer, has eyes in the back of his head and will spot any poor form and take the time to ensure you understand and put into practice each skill and movement, pushing your progress to that heavier weight or extra rep.
He has just the right mix of encouraging abuse all issued with a wry smile…But you know what’s best about Shaun? He’s been there – he’s been that guy that wasn’t happy with how he looked and how unfit he was so your frustrations, insecurities and lack of confidence are all recognised, addressed and overcome with his coaching.

Crossfit aficionados who tell you ‘you’ll become part of a community’ aren’t lying – everyone at TOWIC is so friendly and genuinely support you. You will get an ‘awesome work’ if you beat a PB (personal best) or even just lift for the first time, as well as invaluable words of encouragement if you’re struggling to smash out that last set of burpees. And you will widen your social circle – and this is coming from a self-confessed hermit who ‘doesn’t need any more friends’ (direct quote!) I genuinely look forward to seeing my fellow Crossfit comrades and getting involved with any banter that’s flying about. And the support doesn’t stop once you leave the Box – regular Facebook updates about the latest Crossfit articles or posts of inspiring quotes all mean that even when you aren’t thinking about Crossfit; you’re thinking about Crossfit!

You’ll even become fluent in a new ‘language’ – before long you’ll know exactly what WOD, AMRAP and EMOM are and they will become part of your daily vocabulary.

And you know what? I’ve had a definite shift in why I’m attending TOWIC classes. I am focusing less on how I look – don’t get me wrong, the improvements in your body are tenfold, but now my mind-set is more about improving how strong I can get and ensuring my technique is correct.

TOWIC really will change your life; it’s a win-win situation and you’re the only one who is stopping yourself from meeting the new and improved you…

With two free introductory sessions – what are you waiting for?

Sushma - Feb '14


I've been training at TOWIC for approx 6 months now and I can honestly say, I wouldn't return to a normal gym! I've seen massive improvements with both my general fitness and physical strength. I have muscle tone for the first time ever, my body is more proportioned and I've gained incredible upper body strength, which I had thought was impossible for me!

The CrossFit workouts at TOWIC are fast paced and fun! They are tough and they don't get easier, but that's because you are always being pushed to work harder, to lift heavier. Every workout is different and there is a relaxed atmosphere where the community spirit really shines through. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, which makes the training experience less daunting.

The coaches engage with you personally, track your progress and understand your strengths and weaknesses. It feels like you have a personal trainer, with the added benefits of training with a group of people who all fundamentally have the same goal.. to finish that workout! Give it a go, you won't regret it.

You get 2 free taster sessions so you really have nothing to lose, except that excess fat!


Dee - Feb '14


TOWIC is an incredible way of getting into fitness no matter what level of fitness, age, gender or size you are. The results you see and feel are very real and noticeable. TOWIC is not like any other fitness regime to have tried: the sense of achievement you attain you you realise just a short few weeks ago you couldn't do what you can now is incredible.

Shaun is an amazing coach with a clear passion and drive to help you become the best that you can be with great attention to detail. The atmosphere is unique too with an almost 'family' vibe where no one feels left out or left behind. Brilliant!


The Only Way Is CrossFit is located ideally 1 minutes walk from Woodford Tube Station at 1-2 Bairny Wood Approach, Woodford, IG8 0HH.

In our facility we offer a broad training program that is suitable for any fitness level.

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